SuperCNAM aims to be the easiest and most affordable CNAM service. Our goal is to be:

Easy & Fast CNAM Service

chronometerSuperCNAM signing up process is thought to be easy and straight forward. You simply need to sign up into the service portal, report the IP of your PBX and you are ready to go, the service will be active in the following 120 seconds. When your service is ready, all you need is to tell your PBX is where to pull the information from.

We constantly add more and more configuration guides.

Affordable & Unlimited CNAM Service

We are breaking the rules! Let's not bill by the query. Query all you want within a flat rate. It doesn't matter if you have one hundred calls or ten thousand calls in a month, you will be paying the same fee.

Please note that in order to avoid DoS attacks, SuperCNAM query servers have security metrics that will prevent excess queries in a minute. This doesn't affect the number of queries you can do, you just can do one thousand queries in a second, but you will be able to do one thousand queries in the day.

Reliable CNAM Service

We use several databases, including ours, before sending you a result. This applies not only to commercial telephone numbers but to personal ones (if you wish). If you have a personal number and you want to make the CNAM translation, you only need to ask it and after some verifications, we will set it up in our database.

Google Maps Directory

okay in google mapsBeing listed in Google My Business and Google Maps is a must. Any serious business owner knows that and we know it too. We use Google's Geographic API as one of our reliable sources of information to deliver the right name.

Google's verification process is very trustful and to be honest, nobody wants to have a wrong telephone number listed there. If for a reason, your business changes the telephone number, one of the things you will do is to update it in your Google My Business profile.

Nobody is perfect, not even Google, but we try to do our best to give you accurate information.

We invite you to try our service.

City Fallback

globeIf for a reason we can not get the name of the number who is calling, we will deliver the associated city name of that number. Instead of delivering a blank string or an UNKNOWN label, we will give you a name like Ottawa, ON.

Current Information

We drop useless or old records in order to force a refresh the next time you ask for them.

Supported Platforms

We are platform agnostic. The only requirement for your PBX is to be able to do HTTP(s) requests. Some of the PBX we can support:

and many others.